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Credentialing is the process of obtaining and reviewing documentation to determine participation status in the provider network. The documentation may include, but is not limited to, the applicant’s education, training, clinical privileges, experience, licensure, accreditation, certifications, professional liability insurance, malpractice history and professional competence. Generally, the terms credentialing and recredentialing include the review of the information and documentation collected, as well as verification that the information is accurate and complete.

A few of your rights in the credentialing and recredentialing process to be aware of:

  1. You have the right to review information obtained about your credentialing application from outside sources from primary source verification.
  2. You have the right to correct erroneous information.
  1. You have the right to receive the status of your credentialing/recredentialing application, upon request.

Credentialing process:

NBH requires the use of Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) ProViewTM, a service that provides a fast and easy way to securely submit credentialing information to multiple plans and networks by entering information just once. Application data can be submitted online at any time. This simplified credentialing process reduces paperwork and saves time. It is provided at no cost.

To become credentialed for the first time, you will need a current and complete CAQH ProView application. Please be sure to:

  • Complete all fields on the form or mark them N/A.
  • Include all prior and current practice locations.
  • Include identification numbers, such as the physician or provider’s Social Security number, National Provider Identifier (NPI), Drug Enforcement Agency number, unique provider ID and professional license numbers.
  • Answer all questions and provide explanations if needed.
  • Include the signed and dated attestation form.

Provide digital copies of your:

  • Curriculum vitae, including work history in a month/year format
  • Professional License
  • DEA Certificate
  • Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) certificate
  • Copy of malpractice insurance face sheet
  • Summary of pending or settled malpractice cases

Please be sure to grant NBH access to the CAQH ProView application.

Getting started

Physicians and other healthcare professionals obtain their CAQH provider ID directly from CAQH by going to CAQH website, and completing a registration form. Once the form is submitted, the applicant will receive an email from CAQH with a CAQH provider ID. Then the applicant will be able to sign in to CAQH ProView and create a username and password, which are used to complete the online application.

The process incorporates the standard application data set and, where appropriate, accounts for additional credentialing information required by states with specific application mandates. Before the completed application is available to a participating organization or health plan, the applicant must authorize release of the data. Each organization that has included the applicant on its roster will appear on the authorization screen for the healthcare professional to review and authorize.

The applications are stored in an online database and are always available to the applicant to review or print.

Once a physician or other healthcare professional completes the process, automatic reminders are sent each quarter to prompt a review and update of the information.

For more information about CAQH, please visit CAQH’s website and select “CAQH ProView®.”

To join our network please download and submit the NBH Provider Letter of Interest. 

NBH Provider Letter of Interest